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Sadly, Lauren passed away on 13 January 2019.

It took 9 months to get diagnosed, by this time the tumour had gone in to her spinal cord and damaged her central nervous system they had to operate before they knew it was Ewings Sarcoma (at this stage there was no option crosshouse and Ayr hospitals missed the opportunity to catch this due to arrogance with doctors not listening to patients and nurses). This should never have happened. Lauren had to go through years of Chemo and radiotherapy, 4 decompression operations to her spinal cord, sepsis in America when she had proton beam treatment at Jacksonville Florida. She managed back on to her feet after 19 months with no mobility to the amazement of everyone she also built up to 10 2 minute rounds on the pads way ferny things where going great Holiday to New York and Washington, ,however the Sarcoma was aggressive and wouldnt go away it spread to the lungs. For 3 and a half years Lauren put up with everything she had to go through with great spirit and determination she never complained or felt sorry for herself her focus was always to move forward despite all the setbacks.

This life was not a choice it was what was dealt and Lauren never let her condition get her down she always had a smile .

This could happen to anyone.

As hard as life is sometimes, please be grateful for your health and happiness. Always tell your family and friends you love them. Time can make us forget memories, but some memories make us forget time ,thankfully we got to make some memories that made us forget time, dont ignore the little things in life as one day you may realise they are actually the big things.

Everyone who ever had the pleasure of meeting Lauren will know when I say she was so inspirational, doing talks on her condition at Edinburgh and Birmingham also having chats with other patients .Lauren was always smiling even at the toughest of times. As a family we are totally devastated by the loss.

Lauren was my wife my sole mate my best friend the mother of our daughter Ellie who was everything to her. Lauren was a daughter to Ann and Jim and a sister to Kris and Julie a Aunty to Isla and Frazer, she was loved beyond words and will be missed beyond measure. Lauren was a great friend to everyone who ever had the pleasure of meeting her full of fun and her infectious smile.

She will be sadly missed by everyone but remembered with a smile some people never get to meet there hero I got to marry .

I also wanted to say thanks to the community of new Cumnock and the surrounding area.

Thanks to work colleges on the rail way and East Ayrshire council .

Thanks to family and friends for all your kind donations and help and support and thanks to all our friends and family for taking on challenges and helping with fundraising.

Way to many people to mention but you all know who you are.

David G.


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