About us

Your support will make a big impact to the sarcoma community. 

Sarcoma UK is the only cancer charity in the UK focusing on all types of sarcoma cancer. Our charity receives no government funding or support from larger charities. We rely solely on the generous donations and help from our passionate supporters like yourselves. 

Sarcoma is a very uncommon form of cancer, there are over 100 subtypes of sarcoma and it can develop almost anywhere in the body including in the soft tissue, in the bones or in the stomach or bowels. Most people don’t know what it is until they know someone affected by it.   

With this in mind, we value every ounce of your support and we will make sure the legacy your loved one leaves behind will make an impact on the future of the sarcoma community.

Sarcoma UK is the only charity funding scientific research only on sarcoma cancer. Since our charity first started in 2011, Sarcoma UK has invested millions into high quality scientific research projects. We fund both laboratory-based and clinic-based research to reveal the cause of sarcoma, find solutions and put together kinder treatments for patients.  

We have also helped thousands of individuals through the free and confidential Support Line which was launched in February 2016. Through this service, we have provided advice, reassurance, and a listening ear to everyone affected by sarcoma including patients, family, friends and healthcare professionals. Please visit our Resources section to find out more about this service along with other ways you can get emotional and practical support at this time.  

Thanks to your support, we can continue this important work and be there for everyone affected by sarcoma.