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Picture of Lolly in a hat and scarf in front of the sunset at the beach.

Lolly was diagnosed with an incurable, less common form of cancer called parosteal osteosarcoma. Diagnosed in May 2020, she had 22cm of her thigh bone removed and replaced with titanium.

Ten weeks after her operation, Lolly was using two crutches and learning to walk again. More scans and a full-body MRI confirmed that the cancer hadn’t spread anywhere else, however, Lolly’s consultant did notice a nodule in her left lung which they wanted to keep an eye on.

Lung nodules are small clumps of cells in the lungs. They are common, and most of these nodules aren’t cancerous, but healthcare professionals may need to monitor those which are larger, changing, or growing.

Lolly was invited back for regular monitoring scans and, in November 2020, she was told that a CT scan had shown another two nodules. She was referred to an oncologist, but the nodules were too small for a biopsy.

By March the following year, Lolly was ‘devastated’ and ‘petrified’ to learn that she had developed more lung nodules and the cancer cells had travelled and mutated into her lungs.

The biopsy revealed that Lolly’s cancer was incurable – the nodules were another form of her parosteal sarcoma.

Another blow came in August 2022 when another lump appeared on her titanium femur. After a biopsy, it was confirmed that the sarcoma had reoccurred in her right leg, resulting in the titanium femur being removed and replaced with a new one and a complete knee replacement.

While in hospital after this operation, Lolly then noticed a lump on her left arm, and in November 2022, she endured another procedure to remove another sarcoma lump.

Despite all this, Lolly and her husband, Dan and their two children, Cooper, ten, and Wren, seven, moved to Somerset in 2021 to make memories and enjoy the West Country. Sadly Lolly lost her battle with Sarcoma in November 2023. Lolly won't be forgotten, and its great that so many friends are doing charity work and raising money in honour of Lolly and Sarcoma UK.

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