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Sharni Ruming originally from Gold Coast (GC) Australia settled in the UK (London) after leaving home, Sharni had a positive outlook, and her aura, personality and passion would always rub off on you, always making time to check on others beyond her own needs.

Forever an adventurer and always wanting to taste the cultures and the history of the world Sharni left GC to travel through parts of Europe and North Africa making many new friends.

Sharni worked in hospitality from age 14 in GC and in London, in speciality coffee and excelled within Department of coffee and then Small Batch over a 7year period but Sharni’s passion was fitness and this came about with some health issues in her late teens, mainly celiac. She set about becoming an instructor for Les Mills in body attack and step and excelled, off-course, becoming a master trainer at David Lloyd gyms and also trained in functional training with F45.

Sharni also co-founded with Bernice SBX health fitness during the multiple Covid Lockdowns to continue her passion in the fitness industry.

Sharni aged 28 in July 2021 was diagnosed with Clear Cell Sarcoma (CCS), usually CCS is a secondary cancer but in Sharni’s case it was the primary, with the Iliac and sacrum having an 8cm growth by the time the diagnosis was made the cancer had already scarily metastasised.

With baited breath there was some good news end of September 2021 with a New Trial at Macmillan Cancer centre, immunotherapy every 2 weeks and a daily chemo tablet, Sharni was accepted, started in October 2021, initially with some positive results, but the treatment had many side-affects and by late 2022 the toxicity of the drug had worsened Sharni’s health, which deteriorated rapidly within the month of her passing on 27 April 2023.

Sharni normally very reserved wanted to share her journey to bring awareness to CCS and you can find this on her Insta @sharni_fitness and the fund raising on @sharni_throwdown, and google “Power for Sharni” in Gold Coast Australia which took place in September 2022 and is planned for September 2023.

Sharni organised throwdown fundraisers In Wandsworth, four local functional gyms in honour of Sharni organised a competition to raise funds in aid of research into CCS, the date -September 2022, 250+ participants took place and created an amazing environment and buzz in the Wandsworth community. Check out the throwdown link below.

It is hoped that we can continue this legacy twice every year from 2024.


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