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Raising funds for Sarcoma UK and synovial sarcoma

Synovial sarcomas are a rare and under-funded cancer, and Sarcoma UK are determined to change this.

Synovial sarcoma can occur anywhere throughout the body. But, it often occurs around joints in the arms and legs, such as the knee or elbow.

There are an average of 79 cases of synovial sarcoma diagnosed every year in England.

Synovial sarcoma makes up 2% of all soft tissue sarcomas, and about 0.03% of all cancers.

Synovial sarcoma is thought to be caused when certain chromosomes (the parts within cells that contain DNA) are broken apart and put back together in the wrong way. Researchers are still trying to find out why this happens and whether this causes synovial sarcoma.

Synovial sarcoma is the second most common form of soft tissue sarcoma to occur in children.
Treatment for synovial sarcoma will vary depending on the size and location of the tumour. Synovial sarcoma is often treated through a combination of surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

How your funds are making an impact

Ellis, Carly, Helen and Sam, Sarcoma UK's Support Line


Your kindness is funding an expert Support Line. Sarcoma UK is there for synovial sarcoma patients and their friends and family through specialised advice.
Sarcoma UK researcher - Paul Huang


You are helping to fund innovative and pioneering research. Dr Paul Huang and the Institute of Cancer Research is looking at improving outcomes for people with advanced soft tissue sarcoma, including synovial sarcoma. They are hoping to ensure more people receive treatment personalised to their needs, by creating but it could also spare those for whom pazopanib is not effective from any side effects.
An example of a Sarcoma UK awareness campaign- does size matter?


You are raising vital awareness, so more people know the signs and symptoms. With your help, Sarcoma UK can run an awareness campaign during Sarcoma Awareness Month, such as ‘Does Size Matter’, and the ‘Loneliest Cancer Campaign’ These are needed more than ever as only 1 in 10 people know that sarcoma is cancer.

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