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Raising funds for the research and treatment of Synovial Sarcoma

This fund has been set up to progress research and treatment in Synovial Sarcoma – a soft tissue sarcoma that can affect both adults and children, but is the second most common form of soft tissue sarcoma to occur in children. Sarcoma UK have established the fund in partnership with the parents and family of Amber Hoctor, in tribute to her experience of Synovial Sarcoma, after her diagnosis aged 8.

Research in Synovial Sarcoma remains significantly underfunded meaning that, before now, limited progression has been made in understanding this cancer and its effective treatment. Sarcoma UK, Amber and her family wish to change this, through raising enough money to address this gap and to fund vital work within our scientific research community, to create long-term, meaningful impact for those affected by the disease.

But we also need your help! This fund is open to anyone who would like to join us in creating positive impact for those affected by Synovial Sarcoma, through the progression of research to better understand and treat the disease. All donations and monies raised in connection to the fund will be solely invested in research relating to Synovial Sarcoma so that, together, we can make change.

Did you know?

·       There are on average 79 cases of synovial sarcoma diagnosed every year in England, and these make up 2% of all soft tissue sarcomas and around 0.03% of all cancers.

·       Synovial sarcoma is thought to be caused when certain chromosomes (the parts within cells that contain DNA) are broken apart and put back together in the wrong way. Researchers are still trying to find out why this happens and whether this causes synovial sarcoma.

·       Treatment for synovial sarcoma will vary depending on the size and location of the tumour. Synovial sarcoma is often treated through a combination of surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

·       Synovial sarcoma can occur anywhere within the body, but often does so around joints in the arms and legs, such as the knee or elbow.

·       Synovial sarcoma is the second most common form of soft tissue sarcoma to occur in children.

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