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Raising funds for Sarcoma UK

Charley was diagnosed with a very rare type of sarcoma called inflammatory myofibrosarcoma so rare that for months she wasn't given a name for her disease.

Her family and friends raised money to continue to fund her treatment. Despite rounds of chemotherapy, immunotherapy and the best efforts of her doctors, Charley passed away in April.

Speaking on her website, Charley said that if the funds raised couldn't help her, I hope to be able to help others in the same situation as me. With this in mind, £60,000 was very generously donated in Charleys name to Sarcoma UK, to support our research programme, with the ultimate aim of finding a cure for sarcoma.

Charleys Fund will directly support Sarcoma UKs cutting edge research programme. This includes projects that focus on new treatments such as immunotherapy, which Charley was personally interested in. It will also support research looking at how a simple blood test could be developed to identify genetic markers for sarcoma. This could make diagnosis quicker and easier, and lead to more effective treatments.

In 2021, Sophie, Jess, Gemma, Richard, Peter and Stella all took part in the virtual London Marathon, raising funds in Charley's memory.

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