Team Jerrod

Raising funds for Sarcoma UK

Team Jerrod has been set up in loving memory of Phil Jerrod, by all of his friends and family.


Phil was the most incredible person you could ever meet. A kind, intelligent, loving, funny, beautiful person inside and out. He had a smile and laugh that was undoubtedly infectious.

A truly unique & caring son, brother, uncle, friend, husband & soulmate and an overwhelmingly respected stand up comedian.

Everyone that met him instantly fell in love with him. Everyone he talked to felt better for knowing him. Everyone he hugged remembers that hug forever. He is missed so much by everyone that knew him.

Phil was diagnosed with Spindle Cell Sarcoma at the end of November 2019 & died on September 4th 2021.

During those 2 years of treatments, surgery and uncertainty, he was so unbelievably strong, intelligently resilient and gracefully brave. He cared so much for the people around him, his focus was making sure we were all OK. He faced & conquered his journey with so much grace, wisdom, love and kindness.

To never be able to see him again, to be able to talk to him, to hug him, to love and support him, to never see another dream full-filled, to never see another comedy poster with his face on, another comedy line up with his name on, completely breaks our hearts, BUT we are all so unbelievably proud of everything he achieved. His life was so full and we are so very lucky that he was in our lives.


We are dedicated to continue to raise funds and awareness for Sarcoma UK in memory of Phil. He talked so much about having a legacy and for people to remember his name for something good, we’d like to make sure this happens and that any funds raised in his memory continues to help others, to try and make sure we are all OK.

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